ZoomText Smart Invert for google chrome

ZoomText Smart Invert for google chrome

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ZoomText Smart Invert for google chrome


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See photos in their natural colors when using the ZoomText Invert Brightness or Invert Color effect.
The Smart Invert add-on for Chrome is used in conjunction with Freedom Scientific’s ZoomText and Fusion software.

The use of filter effects to invert the screen brightness and colors is popular among low-vision computer users. It reduces glare, improves legibility of on-screen text, reduces eyestrain, and increases comfort. However, these effects also result in photo images that look like film negatives, which are unappealing and often unusable to look at.

By enabling ZoomText’s Smart Invert feature, when using ZoomText or Fusion’s Invert Brightness and Invert Color effects (in the Color Enhancement feature), our software will reverse or undo the inverted effect on photos so that they are displayed in their natural colors.

To achieve this functionality when running Chrome, you must (1) install and enable this add-on, and (2) be running ZoomText or Fusion while browsing with Chrome. This add-on does nothing unless ZoomText or Fusion are running.

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