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Video Downloader by Video Octopus


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Video Downloader by Video Octopus ? Mode Free Download

Video downloader by Octopus is useful chrome extension to download every videos from each websites you want.
Video Octupus is a video downloader Chrome extension with proprietary software. With this plugin, you can download any video from thousands of websites in different quality and lengths and save it to your disk.

Chrome Video Saver – Video Octopus Features
• It works not only on certain sites, but also on most websites thanks to the software technology it contains.
• Detects TS videos, allows you to download them in different sizes as mp4
• It allows you to detect and download m3u8 (ts), mp4, mp3, webm, flv, mov and ogg video formats on the page.
• Before downloading the video, you can see its duration, size, image quality and format. You can also preview it before download any video from any website.
• It provides a fast and practical use, so you can download the video played with one click
• Due to the privacy policies and terms of use of Google and YouTube, videos are not downloaded from YouTube. However, you can download and save any video you want on any other website.
• English, German, Spanish, Russian and Turkish language support
• Reliable and Free video downloader
• Fastest and most practical video downloader for Chrome
• You do not need to create an account to use Video Octopus, which offers a free online video download service. All you have to do is add the plugin to your browser.
• Quick communication in case of any problems, comments or complaints.

Aren’t you bored of the intrusive commercials or disrupted video uploads on a pleasant movie night? All you have to do is install the Online Video Downloader – Video Octupus plugin quickly.

Familiar websites that you can download videos
• Facebook video downloader
• Instagram video downloader
• Vimeo video downloader
• Dailymotion video downloader
• SoundCloud mp3 downloader
and millions of websites…

You can experience the comfort of free online video downloads very easily with Video Octupus. Play the video and click the video download browser extension button, then save the video in any quality and size to your disc, it’s that simple.
You can immediately get the freedom to download every video you see on the web in different sizes and quality, without being stuck in online upload traffic and asking “where can I download this video from?”.

Chrome Video Downloader – Video Octopus is right here to save you time, immortalize your moments and solve your problems. In this extension, which was developed with a special software by a professional and expert team, the needs and expectations of the users were prioritized. Video Octopus is the result of all the research and projects done for a useful browser video tool.

As a free download browser tool, Video Octupus will make your internet and visual experience unforgettable for you.
Join Video Octupus now as the most preferred video downloader tool to save time, energy and internet for unique and original video download experiences! We want to serve you and anticipate your needs. Remember, it is up to you to prevent problems that may occur while watching, or uploading videos.

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5/5 (1 ratings)

  • Kevin Ryan


    I can’t say enough about how WELL and EFFICIENTLY and OFTEN this extension works for ripping any or all videos from almost any webpage/website. The Video Octopus extension is NOT designed to rip video from YouTube (as there are PLENTY of other extensions and websites that can already do that without a problem) so please, DON’T COMPLAIN about that. It won’t do it. It will, however, brilliantly rip video from all of those fun websites that usually you have to create an account, and log into until you can MAYBE download a low quality version of the video. I’m talking about all the top porn sites guys and girls. Yes, it will download nearly any pron video from nearly any porn site! Video Octopus will, if the video exists in the resolution, give you an option of what quality resolution you’d like to rip/download the video in. Wow. Brilliant, guys! 1080p availability is common.

    I challenge anyone out there to find a service/app/extension that works more often and more reliably than Video Octopus!

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