zkID Wallet for google chrome

zkID Wallet for google chrome

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zkID Wallet for google chrome


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A Self-Sovereign Identity wallet powered by zero-knowledge proof.
zCloak Network is a privacy-first DID and ZKP infrastructure. Our vision is to achieve Self-Sovereign Data by moving data and related computation into user devices from centralized servers.

The zkID Wallet extension is where the storage and computation take place. Powered by a zero-knowledge virtual machine, the wallet can generate ZKP that attests to the integrity of user local computation. Now you can prove your identity attributes, your qualification or your portfolio to 3rd parties without showing any personal data. zCloak Network and the zkID wallet use W3C compatible DID and verifiable credentials and do not rely on any specific blockchain for its function.

Note the zCloak ID Wallet is still in beta stage. DO NOT use it for production.

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