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ZEBLANG for google chrome


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ZEBLANG for google chrome

Let’s learn languages!
ZEBLANG supports you to learn foreign languages.

If you want to learn a foreign language on your own and in your country, we believe that there are some important things below.

– Knowing how native speakers use and pronounce phrases. For this, it is essential to listen a lot. Obviously, non-native speakers have an overwhelming lack of listening experience compared to native speakers. If you don’t know how native speakers use phrases in what situation, context, behavior, and sound on a daily basis, definitely you cannot hear or speak the language. And it’s vice versa. If you commit yourself to listening, your language acquisition speed will get faster than you think. That’s what ZEBLANG developers themselves have actually experienced !

– Looking up unknown words in your favorite dictionary site and reading a lot of example sentences. These example sentences usually have a context in which the word or phrase is often used by native speakes routinely or customarily. And these phrases or contexts that you have read once in the dictionary often appear in future listening. It will also increase learning efficiency.

ZEBLANG has features that help support the above learning.

・ Multi-Subtitles (Youtbe, NetFlix, and more in future)
You can display as many different language subtitles as you want at the same time.

・ Customizable Dictionary Menu
You can look up selected texts in a dictionary on any site, and set which dictionary to display in the dictionary menu and on which site should the menu popup to show.

・ Word List
It is a function to save the selected text with a captured image on any site. And you can also add note with it.

・ Future update schedule
– To increase compatible video services other than YouTube and NetFlix.
– To increase the devices and browsers that can be used.
– To enable data synchronization between devices and browsers.

We hope our appliaction helps you learn foreign languages.
Good luck !

ZEBLANG Development Team
Osaka Japan
site: https://zeblang.com
email: zeblang.contact@gmail.com

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Operating System: Web Borwser

Price: Free

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Ruhul kabir is an Executive officer of googleextension.com. He loves the new Technology for learing. He normally published every Technology related in his post. He also works this website article Share at Googleextension.com

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