z-context for google chrome

z-context for google chrome

By gwwar

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z-context for google chrome


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A Chrome DevTools Extension that displays stacking contexts and z-index values in the elements panel
Why use it? Browsers support a hierarchy of stacking contexts, rather than a single global one. This means that z-index values are often used incorrectly, and arbitrarily high values get set.

By Using Z-Context, you’ll know:

– If the current element creates a stacking context, and why
– What its parent stacking context is
– The z-index value
v2.1.0 – Includes http protocol to facilitate development use cases https://github.com/gwwar/z-context/pull/23
v2.0.0 – Adds support for inspecting iframes https://github.com/gwwar/z-context/pull/21 https://github.com/gwwar/z-context/pull/22
v1.1.0 – Adds z-index stacking context rules as of 2021. Adds fixes for position sticky and shadow dom, props to roperzh and edenilan! See pulls 10, 17 and 18 at https://github.com/gwwar/z-context.
v1.0.4 – fixes will-change case. a stacking context is created for opacity/transform but not other values https://github.com/gwwar/z-context/pull/9
v1.0.3 – fixes display reason for flex-items https://github.com/gwwar/z-context/pull/4
v1.0.2 – adds new z-index rules, fixes a bug when inspecting a shadow dom elements. https://github.com/gwwar/z-context/pull/3
v1.0.1 – fix reason message for non-static positions, props to giuseppeg. https://github.com/gwwar/z-context/pull/1

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Version: 2.1.0
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