Youtube Playlist Duration Calculator

Youtube Playlist Duration Calculator

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Youtube Playlist Duration Calculator


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Youtube Playlist Duration Calculator Mode Free Download

An extension to calculate & display the total duration of a youtube playlist.
Currently, Youtube does not display the total duration of a playlist to its users and so this extension hopes to address that problem by allowing users to view the total duration of a given playlist, on its overview page.

How to use:-

After enabling the extension, simply visit any youtube playlist overview page (the url should begin with ‘’). For example,

The total duration of the playlist can then be found in the area under the playlist title.

In the parentheses before the duration you will see how many videos have been taken into account for the calculation (e.g. 1-100). At the beginning this will calculate the duration for up-to 100 videos, as this is what youtube loads by default. As you scroll down the page, this extension will automatically recalculate the duration to include the next 100 videos and so on, as they become available.

Source Code:-

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