YouTube Party Extension

YouTube Party Extension

By LabyStudio

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YouTube Party Extension



YouTube Party Extension Mode Free Download

YouTube Party Extension

Watch videos together with friends on youtube!
This chrome extension can sync youtube videos directly on the youtube page.

Warning: The addon is only a prototype. We want to see if it is worthwhile to publish such an addon in a large scale and to put more effort into it.

Quick tutorial:
– Install the addon
– Everyone who wants to join the party has to open a youtube video. (Doesn’t matter which one, we just have to make sure that the youtube player is open)
– One person must generate a room code (Click on the addon icon in the top right corner to get the popup) and send it to everyone.
– Every other person has to join the same code as the first person in the addon-popup.
– Everyone should now see the member list in the top left corner of the video player.

Some issues:
– If the username or the profile picture is unknown, just scroll down to the comment section to reveal your account information for the addon. (This is just a workaround for the current prototype)
– If you can’t join a room at all or can’t see the member list then our server may be offline or broken. We are not planning to take the server offline as long as the addon is available in the chrome store!

It would be great if you could give us feedback on the entire idea of this addon!

LabyMedia GmbH

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Operating System: Web Borwser

Price: Free

Author Details

Mst. Kulsum Akter

Technical Information

Package Name: amkbcoofeneackajigipeenoffcdlfbb
Version: 0.4
File size: 71.29KiB

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