YouTube Moderator Watcher

YouTube Moderator Watcher

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YouTube Moderator Watcher


YouTube Moderator Watcher

YouTube Moderator Watcher Mode Free Download

In a YouTube Live chat, the moderator’s and owner’s statements will be fixed on the screen for a certain period of time.
– It will be fixed if the target chat is no longer visible in the chat field earlier than the set time. If the flow is slow enough, it will not be fixed.

– Fixed chats will be unfixed after the set time.

– When you mouse over a fixed chat, a close button (X icon) will appear.

– You can specify the target of the fixing, whether it is a confirmed user or not, by specifying a name.

– You can exclude chatbots by specifying their names.

– You can set NG words to delete the chat or hide the text only.

– Regular expressions can be used as NG words.

– New option : Hide chat by non-members
– Fixed layout bug.

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