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Yiddish Typer

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Yiddish Typer


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This extension pops up a window where you can type in Yiddish without needing any other software.
This extension allows you to type in Yiddish without needing any other software or installing any other keyboards on your computer. Simply type Yiddish phonetically and the correct letters will appear.

Basically, you type in YIVO transcription and it outputs the correct Yiddish: typing ‘sh’ produces a ש, ‘ay’ produces ײַ, etc. Shtumer-alef and the final forms of khof, mem, etc. are automatically produced correctly. In addition to YIVO-compatible output, there is an option for an alternative orthography as used by the Algemeiner Zhurnal.

The functionality is closely modeled — with a few minor modifications — on that of the “Yiddish Pasekh” keyboard designed by Gyula “Ziggy” Zsigri for use with the software utility “Keyman”.

Inspired by the work of Noyekh Miller, Shoshke-Rayzl Yuni, and Refoyel Finkl.

Please let me know about any bugs you find and any features you’d like to see by using the support options on the extension page.

0.8 — added more robust backup functionality
0.7 — khirek-yud/shtumer-alef now added after tsvey-yudn (e.g., shneyik)
0.6 — in accordance with new security features removed inline javascript. updated jquery.
0.5.0 — added option to choose between “YIVO style” orthography and “Algemeiner style” — where the latter differs from the former in that it employs the shtumer alef (rules taken from Dovid Katz’s grammar), does not use the rafeh or pasekh-tvey-yudn, as well as some other minor changes. Also tried to fix some bugs.
0.4.2 — changed Twittify function name to Condense since it’s actually useless in Twitter (their/Unicode’s fault, not mine), fixed a bug that was inserting khireks in some cases extraneously, changed font of textbox
0.4.0 — added Twittify button, updated hints, fixed css bugs
0.3.0 — added full screen option, hints page, and checkbox to turn on/off Yiddish letters.

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