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YCT – ICO to PNG Converter

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YCT - ICO to PNG Converter


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Absolutely Free online ICO to PNG converter.
ICO to PNG Converter – YCT

ICO to PNG converter is a great tool that is required in many cases of our daily work. Many images on the internet is available on ico format. But ico format is unusable for our daily tasks because it is a special format designed to represent icons. So, in order to use these images in our daily work, we need to convert the ico into PNG. PNG stands for Portable Network Graphics and is a popular format.

YCT Solutions came up with their chrome extension to make our work easy. The extension is quite easy to use. Moreover, it follows one tap install. Only the thing you need to do is to press the “Add to Chrome” button and you are ready to go. This extension gives you ability convert ICO to PNG from the new tab of your Chrome browser. Again, it offers you the great advantage of having an extension rather than having native software to do so.

The ico file is a collection of images of different sizes. But, the PNG format is an image of a fixed size. ICO to PNG converter by YCT Solutions does a great job by doing its work perfectly. Such hassle-free conversion reduces a lot of your work. Again, this ICO to PNG converter uses advanced data transmission technology to transfer your data to the server securely. Also, ICO to PNG converter ensures that your quality is preserved.

Salient features of ICO to PNG converter:

• One tap install
• Easy to use
• Secured
• Consistent
• Reliable
• Great compression efficiency

All these features make ICO to PNG a great tool for online conversion of documents. Furthermore, You Convert It pays high attention to the user data security. This is why they keep upgrading their transmission technology to the more secured ones, to protect user’s data.

Also, the uninstallation is as easy as the installation. You can even uninstall the extension at any time, if required.

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