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Yandex.Metrica Inspector


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An unoffcial extension to debug Yandex.Metrica implementations
Yandex.Metrica Inspector is a free tool to debug Yandex.Metrica implementations. You can check all information sent by your website from the developers tools in your browser.

This extension will show, for all the Metrica counters configured in your site, the most relevant information for each data type sent to Yandex.Metrica:

* Pageviews
* Hits (virtual pageviews)
* File downloads
* External links
* Goals
* Ecommerce interactions
* Session parameters
* User parameters
* Clicks and webvisor

From version 1.2 you can also view the full data sent.


Sometime in 2021, Yandex.Metrica’s friends changed (among other things) the way it sends information such the publisher data, and that’s why the current version of Yandex.Metrica Inspector doesn’t show this type of hits. Now this information is sent somehow with the Webvisor data, and I had no time to look for a workaround to show this information with this extension.

Additional features:

* Show / hide details from any data type sent
* Filter the information by counter
* Filter the information or data type
* Remove pages’ data from historic
* Clean all data and start over
* Link to the counter’s dashboard
* Export all the registered data


1.2 (27.09.2021)

* Added full data hit view
* Added registered data export
* Added start debugging button
* Updated extension’s icon
* Improved CSS layout and design
* You can now support the developer

1.1 (14.08.2020)

* Added Spanish language
* Added Russian language
* Updated extension’s icon
* Fixed counter’s dropdown
* Improved English translation

1.0 (29.07.2020)

* Initial release

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Operating System: Web Borwser

Price: Free

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