WOT Website Security & Browsing Protection

WOT Website Security & Browsing Protection

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WOT Website Security & Browsing Protection



WOT Website Security & Browsing Protection Mode Free Download

WOT Website Security & Browsing Protection

Stay safe while browsing the web with WOT, the best multi-platform security service with real-time alerts.
Ever wondered how to check if a website is safe? Get the community to do the checks for you.

Join millions of people who protect and guard themselves against online threats that only humans can detect. Download WOT for your browser and stay protected while you search, shop and surf the web by trust checking sites with this great security addition to any antivirus solution (even if you don’t use one)!

***How it Works***
✔ While you search, the extension will warn you when you visit dangerous sites, scams, malware, phishing, rogue web stores, dangerous links, and more.
✔ Reputation icons are displayed next to the SERP results, social media, email, and other popular sites to help you make informed decisions online.
– Red indicates potential danger
– Yellow tells you to be careful
– Green means it’s safe
✔ Website reputations are calculated by combining advanced algorithms with millions of user reviews.

✔ Safe Browsing
Catch potential threats and guard your safety online while you browse with all the online security you need to protect you against the most harmful websites and links
✔ Web Security Reputation Icons – Is This Website Safe? Can I trust this source?
A small icon on your browser displays each site’s rating and reputation, warning you of malicious websites before you visit them.
✔ Warning Screen
Enhance and guard your online experience with a warning popup when you land on a site with a poor reputation, giving you the option to proceed or go back to safety.
✔ Check Website Safety
Use the scorecards to check reputation and reviews for any site before you visit. This can help you avoid scams and phishing sites. Find the safety checker at https://mywot.com/
✔ Anti Phishing
Be warned of phishing scams, malicious links and websites infected with malware before you click them.
✔ Pre-check links/short links
Make informed decisions by checking links for their reputations, categories and whether or not you need to avoid them.
✔ Block websites
Avoid websites that may be harmful or have a poor reputation with warnings from WOT and block them as you wish. You can also report and read reviews about news sites that spread fake news.
✔ Real-time Protection
We offer 2 modes: Real-time Protection and Manual Mode. Real-time Protection allows you to browse the internet, enhancing your online experience by actively notifying you of online threats such as scams, malware, and phishing.
✔ Adult content and Parental Control
Block websites with inappropriate content for children and make sure you guard the whole family from online security threats.
✔ Reviews
When visiting a site, users can give a rating and review based on their personal experiences.
✔ Free internet security
The basic protection is free and always will be. We also provide more layers of security with our premium package offerings (blacklist, assistant and more).
✔ Pop Up Blocking
Your internet browsing experience just got cleaner, faster and safer with WOT. Now you can block popups and avoid all harmful and annoying distractions.

Download WOT on your browser today and decide where to shop, avoid phishing, get eCommerce protection and make sure you protect yourself while shopping online!

Community & Forum

✔ Powered by a global community
Millions of users rate websites’ trustworthiness & child safety.
✔ Request a review
If you come across a site without a rating, you can ask the community to review it.
✔ Ratings & Reviews
We use smart algorithms and human verification to root out attempted fake testimonials.

Important Note!
We respect your privacy and work very hard to preserve it.
To enable real-time protection and allow us to fully understand website reputations, we require the collection of browsing data, as described in our Privacy Policy: https://www.mywot.com/en/privacy/privacy_policy.
We are able to provide our service by accessing the following permissions: tabs, broad hosts, context Menus, web Navigation, web Request, Web Request Blocking, and storage.

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