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# WordPress Realtime Visit Counter (WP Stats)

Check easily who visit your WordPress.com blog!

A Google Chrome Extention showing in toolbar icon how many visitors on owned WordPress.com site using HTTPRequest to service at https://stats.wordpress.com/csv.php?api_key= ecc…
Need complete http site address (e.g. http://myblog.wordpress.com) and Akismet API key (e.g. 89323243s85b).

WP STATS extensions is designed to not save any sensitive data outside the local platform. All the necessary sensitive data to this extension works are stored in the local storage according to the guidelines of Google Chrome.

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ver. 1.6.95
– Some visual arrangements in Popup Options;
– Add the “password” parameter to hide Akismet API Key in form field;
– Erased “Material button” because it has become useless;
– Changed API Key page instruction phrase;
– Improved API Key page injected button css file.

ver. 1.6.9
– To solve counter label wrong view, it has been implemented a shortcut button in options to easily enable/disable Material Design on Chrome top bar.

ver. 1.6.8
– Improved Initial Page with new function to retrieve easily the Akismet API code.

ver. 1.6.5
– Implemented unistall survey.

ver. 1.6.4
– Implemented notification for update advice with info about new version and a link to changelog.

ver. 1.6.3
– Now title tooltip contains the counting of views: this addition is necessary to solve the Chrome bug in the latest version in some cases it makes unreadable the value shown in the badge.

ver. 1.6.2
– STATS POPUP: applied new icons navigation;
– new badge colors: Light Grey, Dark Grey, Black;
– darkened the red label background to increase readability;
– fixed all reported bugs.

ver. 1.6.1
– renewed STATS POPUP (now accessible simply clicking WP STATS icon);
– fixed all reported bugs.

ver. 1.5.9
– implemented MORE STATISTIC popup showing current best posts and their views;
– new background image.

ver. 1.5.8
– you can now set in Option total counter range (daily, weekly, monthly);
– arranged new option.html page;
– implemented detection Chrome extension first run / update;
– created update.html page;
– check delay now is every 180 sec.

ver. 1.5.7
– now it is possible set in Option label color (red, blue, purple, green, yellow, orange).

ver. 1.5.6
– changed label color in blue.

ver. 1.5.0
– add popup;
– autorun Option when install;
– instant check saving setting;
– instant check at the start.

ver. 1.1.0
– add Option Popup;
– add blink notification;
– check delay 60s.

ver. 1.0.0
– extention complete.

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