Wordpress Admin Bar Control

WordPress Admin Bar Control

By Eran Schoellhorn

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WordPress Admin Bar Control Mode Free Download

WordPress Admin Bar Control

Hide & show the admin bar with one easy click!
If you work with WordPress on a frequent basis you may have a love/hate relationship with the admin bar. The admin bar is exceptionally handy when jumping between the front and backend of a site or when writing content but it can also get in the way when doing design or trying to build the aesthetics of a site.


1.1.1 (2/9/15) – Toggling admin bar display now toggles the `admin-bar` class on the body element as well.

1.1.0 (9/16/14) – Now using the Chrome Storage API instead of localStorage- this comes with the added benefit of syncing across devices via your Google Account!

1.0.3 (9/5/14) – Replaced browser action icon for high density displays ­čÖé

This plugin isn’t for those who want to get rid of the admin bar completely, you don’t need an extension for that. WordPress Admin Bar Control is designed for those who want easy concealment of the admin bar on a per-domain basis. This means that all you need to do is click the plugin’s action button once and the admin bar will vanish immediately– between page loads and sessions alike. Want the bar back? No problem. Just click the button again and the admin bar will be restored instantly!

This project is as open sourced as it gets!

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