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WebMoney Advisor for google chrome


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Internet users feedback about the sites
WebMoney Advisor is a web-browser add-on developed for users of WebMoney Transfer system. WebMoney Advisor performs the following functions:
1. Constant monitoring of web-sites opened in the browser whether they belong to the community of WebMoney internet resources.
2. Warning the user before navigating to a malicious (unsafe) web-site.
3. Allowing the user to leave a comment about any web-site.
4. Checks for new events in WebMoney.Events.

In order for WebMoney Advisor to inform you about the safety and popularity of sites, we collect anonymous information about domains visited by users and other anonymous information. This data is used to calculate the WebMoney Advisor rating. By installing our extension, you agree to our privacy terms.
We do not disclose or share any data with third parties. WebMoney takes care of your privacy.

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