Web Design Scraper for google chrome

Web Design Scraper for google chrome

By Ezzat Chamudi

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Web Design Scraper for google chrome


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Extract and inspect web design measurements!
Web Design Scraper is a research tool for extracting objective web design measurements from a web page.

Web design measurements are aspects from web design that are representable in numerical form, generated by procedural algorithms.

In this tool, you can download the extracted measurements in a JSON file, which can be used as machine learning inputs for:
➡️ Predicting the usability of websites
➡️ Classifying websites based on certain design measurements
➡️ Scoring website quality and design aesthetic

Our algorithms can extract the following measurements:
➡️ Symmetry (Calculate ciede2000 average from the screenshot)
➡️ Complexity (Estimate text elements usage in the web page)
➡️ Density (Estimate negative space usage)
➡️ Cohesion (Calculate image elements aspect ratio consistency)
➡️ Economy (Calculate UI element size consistency)
➡️ Simplicity (Get total alignment points of UI elements)
➡️ Dominant colors
➡️ Font families
➡️ Text size distribution

More design measurements are currently being researched. 🔬

This extension is the implementation of the web design scraping concept that we coined in our research paper [1].

Visit our GitHub Repo to see how we extract the web design measurements:

[1] A. Namoun, A. Alshanqiti, E. Chamudi and M. A. Rahmon, “Web Design Scraping: Enabling Factors, Opportunities and Research Directions,” 2020 12th International Conference on Information Technology and Electrical Engineering (ICITEE), Yogyakarta, 2020, pp. 104-109, doi: 10.1109/ICITEE49829.2020.9271770.

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