View IP address for google chrome

View IP address for google chrome

By Roi David

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View IP address for google chrome


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View IP address for google chrome Mode Free Download

Quickly check your IP address and see some other information without opening an additional page
View your current public IP address and proxy information (if you use a proxy) all without opening an additional third party page. This information is retrieved from

Always show IPv4 IP Address

Changed IP provider as was really slow for a while already.

☛ Cleaner popup, no unnecessary header and browser version
☛ Copy IP-address function

【Coming soon】
☛ Popup-preferences
☛ Choose if you want to see the User Agent
☛ Choose if you want to see the Refresh Button
☛ Choose if you want to see the Copy IP Button

【Why use this plugin instead of another IP-checker?】
☛ This plugin doesn’t open a new tab with too much info
☛ It checks your IP address every 5 minutes
☛ It notifies you of a change in your IP address
☛ Click the toolbar icon to get more information regarding your IP address in a little window
☛ This little window lets your refresh your IP-address on demand
☛ Hover over the toolbar icon to view your IP address even quicker

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