Video Speed Controller Experimental

Video Speed Controller Experimental

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Video Speed Controller Experimental


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Experimental version of Video Speed Controller
This repository houses experimental features which may or may not make it in to the parent project Video Speed Controller.

The purpose of this is to have a place for testing features, ideas, or any change at all in order to get feedback on how the change is working before merging it into the larger parent project. This allows us a controlled way of experimenting without alienating the users who depend on the reliability of this tool.

At any given time this version may be in a broken state, and the reliability is not guaranteed. This is why it is called experimental. If you want the version which is stable and strives to work well for all users all the time, please get Video Speed Controller.

I think I may have made the point clear, but I do think it bears repeating. The goal of this effort is not to fork the parent project and create a “better” version of it, but rather to have a playground for testing out ideas with the expectation of either removing it all together or adding it into the parent project.

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