URL Quick Append

URL Quick Append

By Painttist

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URL Quick Append


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URL Quick Append Mode Free Download

Quickly Append ID to URLs.
This plugin lets you search multiple items without unnecessary tab changes.
It allows you to quickly add many search queries, while you are watching that video, or reading that article, or browsing through those images.

Support all sites that uses URL queries to search. The plugin has some defaults but you can delete them and add new ones. You have total control. The settings are theoretically synced between devices with Google syncing enabled.

Additionally, you use this plugin to enter multiple ID to a Pixiv Image, or a short URL to Baidu Cloud Drive, or only the ID for a Youtube link.
This plugin allows you to save all sorts of URL queries, save once, never forget.

This light-weight extension, also comes with a minimalistic UI, and a lazy load function.

「我想要继续看视频,但是我担心我想要搜索的标签转眼就忘了」不必再来回切换标签页啦,这个插件帮你快速记录想要搜索的内容,一次性输入多个内容,然后一口气打开全部标签页——不用担心,默认 Lazy Load,只有当你点击时才会开始加载网页。

百度云盘前面的链接是啥来着?我知道了 B 站 UP 主的 ID 但是前面的链接是啥来着?看 Pixiv 图包视频时不想下载全部,想要快速查看好几张图,怎么办呢?

特别为百度云盘定制了一些快速清理,试试「/s/A123b456/ 密码:123」


More info 更多资讯:
Github: https://github.com/painttist/url-quick-append

Version Notes:
Version 1.4.3 Added many keyboard shortcuts. (e.g. 「Tab+G」 to quickly switch to 「Google Search」 because it starts with a 「G」)
Version 1.4 Added URL Quick Clean, Added Quick Info Boxes
Version 1.3.1 Added More Default Search Queries including Youtube and Google
Version 1.3 Removed “tabs” permission because it was not needed.
Version 1.2 Fixed Layout Issues for Windows

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Operating System: Web Borwser

Price: Free

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Package Name: bojlanjcfkfhlnjjdjadkcngddpfloha
Version: 1.4.5
File size: 24.49KiB

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