Urban Shield for google chrome

Urban Shield for google chrome

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Urban Shield for google chrome


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Wi-Fi surfing protection & auto caching and history cleaner
If you are like everyone else, then you probably use public Wi-Fi quite frequently.

Many public connections are not secure and can cause you to become vulnerable to hackers and government surveillance agencies who can view and steal personal and essential information from your devices.

Urban Shield allows you to protect your data from leaking to the wrong hands or prevent identity theft and increase your safety online, regardless of whether you’re in a public place or your own home. Urban Shield will:

Mask your identity and add a privacy layer to any connection – Public or Secured

Hide your IP address and better hide your Digital Fingerprints

Change your IP in Public Hotspots

Block these annoying ads making your surfing easier

To enable us to block unwanted ads and provide you with safe browsing features, we need to access and collect certain information, such as: URLs you click, the ads displayed for you and your interaction with the ads, history, click stream data, and IP address.

In addition, subject to your consent through the prominent notice, we will be accessing and collecting your web browsing data that includes information on:

– search engine results page

– web pages visited

– clicked stream data

– information about the content that you viewed (the ad campaign)

– information about where you viewed the content (website, app, or extension).

We share this web browsing data in an aggregated, anonymized format with our affiliated companies and business partners for commercial use.

We wish to make it clear, we do not want to know your identity, preferences or any information about you personally, all as detailed in the privacy policy (https://www.urban-vpn.com/about-us/privacy/).

Urban Shield is the comprehensive Chrome browser extension for securing your connection, and it will not slow your browser’s performance and will have no effect on bandwidth.

This browser extension will blend seamlessly with Chrome and will allow you the freedom to be safe and secure online while using any hotspot in the world.

Download Urban Shield here with just one click and you are ready to go!

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