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Uniqkey - Password Manager


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Uniqkey is a secure password manager for all of your devices.
Uniqkey makes it easy to work safely in a digital world.

By eliminating the use of weak and reused passwords in the workplace, enabling frictionless 2FA adoption, and giving IT the overview and control they need to keep the company protected, Uniqkey protects businesses against password-related cyber risks.

Uniqkey achieves this through a unified solution combining user-friendly password management, automatic 2FA authentication, and centralized access management for IT admins.


*Password Manager: Manage your passwords in one place*

Uniqkey securely stores and remembers your passwords for you, and auto-fills them when you need to log onto services.

*Password Generator: Generate high-strength passwords with 1 click*

Easily upgrade your password security by auto-generating high-strength passwords with the integrated password generator.

*Automatic 2FA authentication: Use 2FA without friction*

Uniqkey auto-fills your 2FA codes for you, saving you the time and trouble of manually entering them.

*Password Sharing: Securely share logins with ease*

Securely share logins between individuals and teams with one click – and without revealing your passwords.


*Access Manager: Manage and oversee employee accesses in one place*

Uniqkey’s access management platform allows IT admins to remove, restrict or grant role-specific access rights to employees with ease, making on and offboarding processes smooth and swift.

*Cloud Service Overview: Gain full visibility of company services*

Uniqkey tracks all cloud and SaaS services registered to your company email domain, empowering IT to monitor and protect all logins connected to the organization.

*Security Scores: Spot vulnerabilities in your company’s access security*

Know exactly which employee logins are most at risk, so you can improve the security of your most vulnerable entry points.


✅ Makes cybersecurity simple and impactful

With Uniqkey, companies arm themselves with a high-impact security tool that is both easy to use for employees and provides a strong level of security and control for IT. By making 2FA adoption frictionless, healthy password hygiene easy to achieve, and cloud app visibility a reality, Uniqkey makes it easy for companies to work safely in a digital world.

✅ Gives back control to IT

IT admins get access to the Uniqkey Access Management Platform which gives them full overview and granular control of employee access rights and all services registered to work email domains, making it easier to keep the company protected and productive.

✅ Makes it easy for employees to be secure

The Uniqkey Password Manager eliminates all password-related frustration for the individual employee by automating logins, auto-generating high-strength passwords and storing them securely, increasing login security and overall productivity from day 1. Employees simply authenticate their logins on the Uniqkey app, which then securely auto-fills all their credentials and logs them in. Safe, simple and swift.

✅ Stores data in breach-proof manner

While other password managers secure their user’s data online, Uniqkey encrypts user data with zero-knowledge technology, and stores it offline on our user’s own devices. This way, your data stays untouched even if Uniqkey experiences a direct cyber attack

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