Unblock Please for google chrome

Unblock Please for google chrome

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Unblock Please for google chrome


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Unblocks blocked Imgur image and Pastebin paste access requests by using different proxies.
Unblock Please is an extension that you can use to bypass Pastebin and Imgur blockages by using different proxies!

It is 100% safe and open source! You can review the code from this repository and tweak it however you like it!

– Easy and simple UI to disable which services you don’t want extension to work on.
– See your stats, total unblocked requests and last time Unblock Please helped you to unblock a request!

Feature Requests:
You can use issues of its repository to request a feature! It’s free, trust me. You can also make it by yourself and send a pull request!

External Links:
Website of the Developer: https://eggsy.xyz
Twitter – https://twitter.com/eggsydev
GitHub – https://github.com/eggsy/unblock-please

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Operating System: Web Borwser

Price: Free

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Volume master google extension




Ruhul kabir is an Executive officer of googleextension.com. He loves the new Technology for learing. He normally published every Technology related in his post. He also works this website article Share at Googleextension.com

Technical Information

Package Name: lpngbkmgnehdkkobdbieckjpphkohffd
Version: 3.5.0
File size: 62.59KiB

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