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UIMS Assistant

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UIMS Assistant


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Assists you keeping up with your attendance goals.
This Chrome Extension assists users to visualise their attendance data and even extract it to load onto the UIMS Assistant Web App for more insightful visualisations.

With the UIMS Assistant Chrome Extension, you can:
– know how many lectures ahead or behind are you from your attendance goal
– keep up with your attendance goals

Update v1.1.1 : What’s new?

– Can now communicate with UIMS Assistant – Web App directly thus reducing friction in user experience.
– Your attendance data is destroyed as soon as you close the tab for privacy purpose.
– You also have an option to delete your attendance data manually in the extension popup for increased privacy controls.


– All the features are just a right click away now.
– Just login to your UIMS once and store the data right in your browser till you delete it.
– Integrated with UIMS Assistant Web App to visualize your attendance data more sensibly yet beautifully.
– UIMS Assistant Web App does all the math to generate insights into your attendance data.


– Know how many lectures ahead or behind are you from your attendance goal.
– Extract your attendance data in JSON format directly from UIMS.

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