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twDisplayVicinity Mode Free Download

Display the vicinity of a particular tweet on Twitter.
On Twitter’s official website (*), display tweets before and after a specific tweet in timeline format.
It is useful when you want to know what the same person is tweeting about before and after a tweet.


– Retweeted
– Introduced in blogs etc.
– Hit with search engine

You might not know what tweets were around before and after.
If you can read the tweets before and after, you may be able to see an unexpected context you did not understand from a single tweet.

When installing this extension, the “vicinify(neighbor)” link will be displayed when you see Twitter’s timeline or single tweet.
By clicking on this link, a separate tab / another window opens, you can see the timeline before and after that tweet.

Also, if your tweets are retweeted, opening the “Notification” timeline ( will also display the “vicinity” link in the notice of the retweet.
By clicking, you can see what the person is tweeting about RT tweets.

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