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Tumblr – Tiled Dashboard

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Tumblr - Tiled Dashboard


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Tumblr – Tiled Dashboard Mode Free Download

This extension modifies the look of your Tumblr dashboard.
This is a Chrome Extension that let’s you browse your Tumblr – Dashboard in a style similar to Pinterest which means you have multiple columns of posts that are nicely aligned, so more information fits on your screen. You can customize the look of your dashboard through the settings of the extension.

Features to come/known bugs:
. Additional features, if requested!
. BUGFIXES where found myself or told about 🙂
. Speed improvements where possible

Please send in requests for features you want in this extension :)!

Version history:
– Problems with installing the Extension should be resolved (I hope).
– Column-Width and Gutter-Width can be modified via the Settings-Button
(at the moment it is optimized for the greyish theme, options to follow 🙂 )
– I know it’s not perfect atm, but it works most of the time (no new posts handling yet, sorry)
– First rework of the Extension after the Tumblr Website restructuring…
– Things that work:
Right now, only the Dashboard should work – Queue and Drafts as well.
– Things that don’t work: EVERYTHING else like handling of new posts (prepending the Posts-View with the new Post), Settings (sorry, but the time is filled with work for me)
But it should be better than “nothing” 🙂
– More features will be reprogrammed as soon as I find the time to do so

– Gaps in the layout fixed
Overall layout enhanced (overlapping posts should not occur anymore)!!!
YAY, finally 🙂
– Changed fetch behavior for IG
– small IG Bugfix
– Added the (opt-out) action to help me build an RSS-Feed generator for Instagram. Please leave it activated, it only makes a few ajax requests every 20 minutes max. Thank you for your help with the RSS-Feed :). You can opt-out from the settings menu.
– Embeds are now better visible than before (no reflow needed to get the full size)
– Far less need for a ‘reflow’ (shortcut r in the Dashboard) of the posts, because they should be arranged correctly already (sometimes they are still not perfectly arranged 🙁 )
– Photosets look better now. Correct handling of different aspect ratios of pictures in one Row of the Photoset.
. Video Posts are always playable now
. “Appeal” enhancement (no multiple clicking necessary)
. Use the Keyboard shortcut ‘r’ to ‘reflow’ the posts if they should be overlapping each other (workaround for that issue 🙂 )
. You can now delete posts from the queue / drafts, etc.
. Post – Footer styling changed
. Many Changes ‘under the hood’ (using Classes now, will be enhanced in the future)
. The ‘likes pages’ now work with infinite scroll, too
. Bug fixes
. Changed from “Maximum Total Post Height” to “Maximum Post Content Height” to always ensure the post header and post footer are visible (also made the Scrollbar a little bigger)
. Fix when you disables infinite scroll in Tumblr. (this should work now!). In fact it’s better to disable infinite scroll, otherwise some double posts may occur at the first pages (needs fixing)
. Scroll to top, when a new Post is created immediately
. New Setting to restrict the maximum Number of concurrent different Page loads (test what fits best for you) (default = 2)
. New Setting to enable/disable Infinite Scroll (freature request). No matter what you set in the Tumblr-Settings, this Setting overrides Tumblr’s Setting. Enabled = infinite Scroll, Disabled = no infinited Scroll (you can even switch between the Modes after you already loaded a few Pages) (default = enabled)
. Small Bugfix when a new Post is created
. Small fixes
. Ability to shorten Posts (new Setting is available). Disable with a Value of -1 (default)
. fixed Draft and Queue Pages (only occured when the URL contained an ‘offset’)
. Likng Posts really update the Post’s status (Data is now sent to Tumblr to actually ‘Like’ a Post)
. Performance enhancements by moving from DOMNodeInserted to MutationObservers
. New Option to enable fast loading when scrolling through the Dashboard (default == false). Try it out, I think it works fine…
0.1.85 – 0.1.87 New feature added / fixed:
. in the Queue Page you can now shuffle your displayed Posts (in the right Column “Shuffle Queue”). The posts immediately reorder to reflect the new State of your Queue. Attention: this feature only shuffles the displayed posts, not all!
. The width is now also adjusting correctly if the settings were modified.
. The width of the new posts buttons now fits the width of the posts container below.
. Settings Dialog now works again (more Settings to follow in the future)
. Drafts Page:
You can now queue and publish posts from this page again (attention: no additional “Ok/Cancel” dialogue ist showing up) .
Previously it was only possible for the first few posts loaded (first page) but not for the rest of the loaded posts.
. Fixed dashboard, queue and drafts pages. Should result in less errors.
. Fixed missing JS File (sorry about that).
. Better pervention from showing Posts multiple times on a Page. This should probably also make the Drafts Page work correctly again (new).
. Auto-Loading now works again at the Dashboard (since v0.1.75) at the Blog Pages (new), Queue Pages (new) but not really on the Drafts (new) pages (they use a different URL – schema).
. Fixed double Posts and “empty” spaces in the Dashboard.
. Autoloading more posts should work again! Completely moved to manual loading instead of using the pagination element from Tumblr.
Please be aware that not everything is perfect at the moment, I will fix issues whenever I find the time to do so (but it’s a start 🙂 )!
. Fullscreen videos now work again most of the time (even portrait-mode videos are beautiful 🙂 ). Sorry I kept you guys waiting for so long 🙁 shame on me…
. Added possibility to enable ‘prevent showing posts you may like’ (default setting: enabled). You can disable the setting in the options menu
. Better selection of the “current Post” for refreshing the Dashboard (no more missed Posts!)

. First version to support “Page Refresh”
. Refreshes the Dashboard by reloading the Page, starting with the last loaded Post
. Two Settings added:
. Refresh Page – to enable / disable Page Refresh
. Number of Posts – to define how many Posts should be loaded before the Refresh Button appears
. Other Pages like “Drafts” and “Queue” will get support for the feature soon! I hope you like it :).

. Now also works on the “Your Likes” Page as well
. Improved handling of image unloading

. saved tag posts can be removed now, their height doesn’t change any more, when hovering the post

. Removed another “scrollflat” eventhandler, so the images should stay visible, when you scroll

. Code enhancements

. Great speed improvement over the previous versions!
. Now finally also works for urls like “https://www.tumblr.com/dashboard?page=51”
. Built-in current page-detection

. First step to improve the Speed of the Extension. No more Image unloading!
(This means the post-positioning will be faster in the future)

. Removed the displayed ads

. Now you can remove all text from photo posts, photosets and videos (all other types are not affected (making the types selectable might be possible in the future)

. Should work on ‘liked’ pages
. Should also work on other pages than the first page of the dashboard
. Tags should always be wrapped now to fit the post-width

. Adapted the CSS to fit the current Tumblr-Changes (Sidebar)

. Bugfix when using the new options for the first time (from version 0.1.45)

. Customizable gutter width (new Settings possibility)
. Customizable post border (new Settings possibility)
. Posts have no round corners (looks cleaner)

. Multi-Column pictures fixed
. New Icon in the User Menu
. Settings-Window implementation started (in-Tumblr-Settings).
. Just click the background or the “Save-Button” and the changes are immediately visible
. First Setting for now is only the width of the columns (more to come soon – WHAT DO YOU WANT?!)
. Panorama pictures also respect the width now
. Have fun :)!

. Fixed the new ‘you might like’ – box. It’s now always displayed ontop the posts and now has a slightly different look and position.
. Added the ’tiled view’ on the blog’s page (tumblr.com/blog/yourblogname), on the drafts page (tumblr.com/drafts) and on the queue page (tumblr.com/queue).
. I hope to find the time to create a ‘settings’ page soon…

. Small Quick-Fix for the change of the source-link of posts and the resulting long lists of tags.

. Performance improvements
. Existing posts check only if prepended
. OAuth is working but not activated at the moment
. In the future, OAuth may be used to provide full functionality while boosting the speed of the extension by changing things
. Recommended blogs at the start are hidden

Several UI-improvements:
. Recommended Posts
. Videos (not yet finished…)
. No more ‘white’ posts, the images stay visible now YAY! 🙂
. After adding post, there will be no more double-posts

. Posts stay visible almost always now, only sometimes the images of the posts are still removed. I am still working on that issue.
. Posts will be added to the beginning after uploading a new post
. UI improvements

. Newly loaded posts don’t interfere with the posts that are on the dashboard
. UI improvements

. Some UI improvements
. Likes should really work now 🙂

. Added complete functionality:
. Liking posts/etc. now works again
. Works with XKIT now
. Liked and read-posts are now hidden per default (user preferences will follow soon!)

. Fixed the issue with overlapping posts.
. Very improved loading times of the posts.
. UI changes:
. Uses full width for the new posts buttons
. Buttons and posts are now centered on the available space

. First published version, includes many bugs/minor problems

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Operating System: Web Borwser

Price: Free

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