Tabs to the Front

Tabs to the Front

By Rycochet

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Tabs to the Front


Tabs to the Front

Tabs to the Front Mode Free Download

Optionally open new tabs in the front.
Causes new tabs to be brought to the front when opened.

The standard behaviour of Chrome is to only open tabs to the front when pressing the Ctrl key – which is not an option for touch displays or people with physical disabilities. The Chrome devs have stated several times that they do not intend to change this.


* Brings newly opened tabs in the front.
* Popup menu allows you to disable it for a period of time.
* Options page (using new Chrome v40 styles).
* Change the button between toggle state or popup menu.
* “Donation…” link can be hidden via the options page.
* “Options…” link can be disable via options page (you can still open it by right-clicking or on the Extensions page).
* A domain ignore list – if both tabs are on ignored domains then don’t bring the new one to the front.
* Hotkey support to toggle state and toggle ignoring domain.
* Optionally hold the “Ctrl” key to disable (requires additional permissions).
* Locale support (translations welcome).

This extension is released under the GPL, with source code on GitHub (see the developer website link).

Please note that this extension will never have advertising, tracking or analytics as part of it. Companies contacting me on either subject are simply ignored.

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