Subtitles For YouTube

Subtitles For YouTube

By Yash Agarwal

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Subtitles For YouTube Mode Free Download

Use this extension to add drag and drop subtitles to Subtitles For YouTube
This extension lets you add subtitles to any video you are watching on YouTube. Just drag and drop .SRT file or zipped .SRT file for your movie on to the upload-box and the subtitles will start showing up.

The extension also supports searching and using subtitles directly from and Now you can search in ALL LANGUAGES.

Note: If you already had opened a YouTube page before installing the extension you will not see extension load on that page. Just refresh the page once after installation is complete.

Keyboard Shortcuts:

‘V’ – Enable/Disable subtitles
‘G’ – Precede subtitles relative to video
‘H’ – Delay subtitles relative to video
‘Q’ – Decrease subtitles size
‘W’ – Increase subtitles size

Do not forget to rate and review the app once you use it.

Also do visit which makes it very easy to create captions for YouTube videos.

Github Repo:

Developers: Yash Agarwal (, Nitin R Gupta (


v 6.3.31
+ Added option to search inside subtitle

v 6.1.14
+ Fixed issues after YouTube UI update

v 5.8.6
+ Fixed issues after YouTube UI update
+ Fixed subs auto hiding

v 5.5.1
+ Fixed minor issue

v 5.3.24
+ Fixed Amara expired api keys

v 4.10.25
+ Fixed Bug: Search box opening in Playlist section

v 4.9.19
+ Adding support for new YouTube design

v 4.2.18
+ Fixed minor issue

v 4.2.2
+ UI Overhaul
+ Added setting to auto search and load subtitles
+ Added download subtitle option

v 3.4.26
+ Bugfix: Unable to increase subtilte size using keyboard shortcut ‘W’

v 3.4.19
+ Added support for ALL LANGUAGES

v 3.4.12
+ Adding support for Arabic and Hebrew

v 3.3.21
+ Added Chinese support
+ For local files using UTF-8 support
+ For OpenSubtitles subs using charset
received from API

v 3.1.06
+ Fixed minor bugs
+ Updated UI

v 2.9.4
+ Fixed minor bugs

v 2.8.13
+ Added support for parsing srt and zipped srt file from javascript itself

v 2.7.24
+ Fixing Amara search

v 2.7.2
+ Fixing subtitles size increasing to 2000
+ Fixing Amara subtitles not loading
+ Increasing background opacity

v 2.5.4
+ Refactored Code
+ Fixed minor bugs

v 2.4.30
+ Fixed extension not working due to breaking change by YouTube
+ Now video controls bar is not permanently displayed on Fullscreen mode. (Thanks to suggestion by Mikkel Skovgaard)

v 2.4.21
+ Adding support for searching subtitles from (Feature sponsored by Mike Ridgway)

v 2.1.14
+ Adding support for displaying Latin script characters like “é” “è”

v 2.1.11
+ Adding support for changing subtitles font size

v 1.11.27
+ Fixed bugs introduced due to change in YouTube history handling
+ Fixed extension not loading sometimes
+ Fixed previous sub keep playing in next video

v 1.11.8
+ Adding support for searching and using subs directly from OpenSubtitles

v 1.11.6
+ Added fix for video not re-sizing in full screen

v 1.9.19
+ Added fix for subs not showing in full screen

v 1.8.25
+ Added support for directly uploading zip files
+ Using improved file download url
+ Hiding video controls in full screen mode

v 1.8.15
+ Added keyboard shortcuts for enabling, disabling, delaying subs
+ Added better screenshots
+ Added icon


Operating System: Web Borwser

Price: Free

Author Details

Mst. Kulsum Akter

Technical Information

Package Name: oanhbddbfkjaphdibnebkklpplclomal
Version: 7.4.02
File size: 6.64MiB

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