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Strava Bulk Edit For Chrome Extension



Strava Bulk Edit For Chrome Extension Mode Free Download

Strava Bulk Edit

A Chrome extension to edit multiple Strava activities at once.
The extension adds a title to the activity filter panel, and an update panel below the activity panel. It will go through all filtered activities and update then one by one.

[ Usage ]

1. Visit the My Activities page on (
2. Use the filters to select the activities you want to edit.
3. Choose the privacy setting to apply to the selected activities.
4. Click the “Update activities” button.

A loading screen will appear while the extension is updating the
activities on the background. The loading screen will close once the activities
have been updated.

[ Updating fields ]

Not all filtered activities have the fields available in the update panel. The
extension will just update the fields that are available for each individual

The gear lists might show legacy gear, because the extension copies the gear values
from the filter. Legacy gear will not be updated when you choose it in the
update panel, because it is not available in the activities.

[ Known issue ]

It is not possible to update the Run type field at the moment. This seams to be
an issue on the side of Strava. The code is available in the extension, but it is
disabled for now.

[ Roadmap ]

There are a few enhancements I like te make in the future. These are added as issues in the repository (

[ Feedback ]

Please feel free to give feedback, share ideas or report bugs. Email me at or add an issue to the repository (

[ Donate ]

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