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SteemitVWVoter Mode Free Download

A Steemit voter allowing all users to vote with customized voting weight (VW)
Steemit VW Voter allows Steemit users to set the voting weight (between 1% and 100%, both inclusive), and use this weight to up-vote the blog shown in the current web page:
+ allow user to designate (Steemit) username and (posting) key;
+ allow user to define default voting weight;
+ automatically detect the current blog is available for up-voting or not;
+ use customized weight to vote the current blog;

Change logs:
0.1.0: new function: show the full list of active voters of the blog.
0.1.2: major bug fix: use blog author, title and time to locate a blog instead of just web page URL.
0.1.5: major bug fix: revert finding author from page, back to find use URL. This is because the same page maybe rendered differently by different Chrome profile, thus may have different DOMs. This effects 0.1.2 and causes critical bug.
0.1.6: minor bug fix: correct the message shown in non-blog Steemit pages.
0.1.8: icon updated

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Operating System: Web Borwser

Price: Free

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Version: 0.1.8
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