Space Search for google chrome

Space Search for google chrome

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Space Search for google chrome


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Start your search from a beautiful search page, featuring photo of the day from Nasa
Before you dive into the details of the everyday, take one moment to look up. To remind yourself where you are. where you REALLY are. The answer is SPACE. we are all in space, always. Help yourself remember that, and enjoy a moment of perspective before you search for your new action item on the daily list.

The search bar embedded within the new tab is provided by Bing. It will not make any changes to your browser default search settings.

From now on, whenever you open a new tab, it’s background will be the daily photo, provided by NASA’s top astronomers and space telescopes. We hope you will Enjoy space search. and have more space in your day.

By installing the Space Search extension, you agree to the End User License Agreement and the Privacy Policy elaborated on Space search website:

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