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Sneekr Mode Free Download

Save your entire browser history behind a password-protected dashboard. Works with incognito mode too.
Sneekr extension saves your browser history on a password-protected dashboard. You can access your history anytime from any device.

Who Is Sneekr for?
1. Users who want to browse in Incognito mode and have a safe, secure way to recover browser history.
2. People who share their computer with others and may have suspicions about the borrower’s online behavior.
3. Concerned parents who want to monitor child’s Internet history, usually susceptible to deletion or masking with Incognito Mode.
4. Small business owners who want an easy way to hold employees accountable.

All data will be stored here:

How to Set-Up
1. Install Sneekr Extension from Chrome Webstore
2. Click “Enable”
3. Check boxes for “Allow access to file URLs” and “Allow in Incognito Mode”
4. Click “Options”
5. First-time users need to register for dashboard access. After you confirm email, you will be able to login.
6. Log in.
7. Select/Designate a device name (this helps you keep track of which device URL’s are coming from)
8. Browse the Internet.
9. Go to to view your history. You will find all the links you visited (whether accesses via normal or incognito sessions). You can sort, edit and delete history.

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