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Shitlist Mode Free Download

Manually add shitty websites to your shitlist. All links to these sites will be displayed in a shitty manner, so you can avoid them.
This plugin is almost like a blacklist plugin; it doesn’t filter search results away, like a traditional blacklist, but makes the content appear shitty – it’s more like a brownlist, than a blacklist – or, a shitlist.

Some websites are shitty, and you hate it when you enter them. Regardless if they require you to complete surveys to access the content you need, lures you with free content that turns out to be priced or just plain ‘ol don’t allow your ad-blocker, this plugin will put a stop to it!

How does it work? Does it remove shitty websites from the face of the internet? Sadly, no – I do not have that power. But it does the second best thing: it makes them appear shitty.

Click the shitty icon when visiting a shitty website, and you’ll be safely brought back to Google (or whatever page contained the shitty link you clicked). Moreover, all links to the shitty website appear as they rightfully should: shitty. That way you’ll know not to hit that link again. Hit the link by accident? No worries, the plugin removes all the shitty content from the shitty website and replaces it with its own shitty message, and a quick way back (see the second screenshot).

The plugin lists the website’s domain, when you click the shitty icon – eg. clicking the icon while visiting “” will store “” to the list. That means that every page or subpage on the domain “” is automatically shitlisted, both http and https versions (and whatever protocols they might have). This is due to the thought that if a website has posted just one bit of shit, it’s likely full of other shit..

Want to remove a website from your shitlist? Simple: click the shitty icon next to the shitty link to the shitty website. Or, visit the shitty website, and click the link in the bottom of the shitty rescue-message.

Since opinions of what’s shitty and what’s not might vary, this app does not share shitlists between users – your shitlist is your own, personal list and it’s connected to your Google account, so that it will load in any browser if you log in.

This extension stores no personal info, or any info at all. Not even for analytical purposes. Why? Because I don’t really give a shit – this extension is free, and you can use it if you want. It does what the intended purpose is, no more, no less.

Notice: the creator of this plugin (yay, that’s me!) does NOT consider to be a shitty website, like indicated in the screenshots – I merely used it as an example to demonstrate the functionality of this plugin, and it WAS a good example – but although it’s made to be a shitty website, it’s actually way more awesome than the REAL shitty websites out there, that this plugin is ACTUALLY intended for..

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