Search on Bookmark for google chrome

Search on Bookmark for google chrome

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Search on Bookmark for google chrome


Search on Bookmark for google chromeScreenshotsScreenshots

Search on Bookmark for google chrome Mode Free Download

Incremental search Bookmarks from Toolbar Button.
Incremental search Bookmarks from Toolbar Button.

Ver 0.6.13
Add New Search-mode
(this mode is beta. I wait for your feedback.)

Ver 0.6.10
New Searchbox

Ver 0.6.7
Bugfix & Manifest V2?

Ver 0.6.5
Bugfix Not Remove Folder
Update Search Box UI Design

Ver 0.6.5
Update Keybord Navigation

Ver 0.6.4
Bugfix Keybord Navigation
Add Contextmenu Open Incognito window

Ver 0.6.3
Update Speed.

Ver 0.6.2
Brush up UI
Redesign Search Box and Edit Dialog

Ver 0.6.1
Full Model Change

1.Support Edit Bookmark URL
2.Recently Bookmarks (20 items)
3.Right Click Menu (by default)
4.Keybord Navigation (by default)

1.Experience Mode
2.Close button

Ver 0.5.14
Update Keybord Navigation
Minor Bug Fix

Ver 0.5.13
Bug Fix thank for Seth

Ver 0.5.12
Chrome5 Support.
Change Permission(chrome://favicon/). Please this addon Enable.
Add Show Favicon.

Ver 0.5.11
Minor Bug Fix.

Ver 0.5.10
Minor Bug Fix.
Update Bookmaklet Compatibility
Update Experience Mode
1. Keybord Navigation

Ver 0.5.8
Critical Bug Fix.

Ver 0.5.7
Add Keybord Shortcut.
Shift+Click Folder Item – Open All Bookmark in New Window
Add Experience Mode (default by off)
1. Right Click Menu
2. New Search Box

Ver 0.5.5
Mod UI Design – Chrome5 Like
Add Keybord Shortcut.
Ctrl+Click Folder Item – Open All Bookmark in Tab
Alt+Click Bookmakr Item – Open and Remove

Ver 0.5.1
Add URL Display
Add Option Page
Add Delete & Rename Folder
Mod Edit & Delete UI
Mod Search Box & Search Item UI

Ver 0.5.0
Add Keybord Shortcut. Ctrl+Click Open New Tab. Shift+Click Open New Window.
Minor bug fix.

Add Close button
Add Bookmarklet(Cannot use Popup window) Support (experimental function)
Add i18n Include Locales en and ja
Add Remove Item
Add Rename Title
Mod UI Design

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Operating System: Web Borwser

Price: Free

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