Runet Censorship Bypass Extension

Runet Censorship Bypass Extension

By anticensority

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Runet Censorship Bypass Extension


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Runet Censorship Bypass Extension Mode Free Download

Runet Censorship Bypass Extension

Circumvent Russian Internet Censorship:
Bypassing internet censorship in Russia is not a crime yet.

With any problem contact us:
Version for slow machines:

This extension allows bypassing censorship in Russia, giving you access
to libraries, encyclopedias, oppositional political sites, and to
innocent sites blocked to many reasons.

It proxies only blocked sites from the registry, leaving all other sites intact.

A shortcoming: CPU works a little longer for each browser HTTP-request.

It installs PAC-script, that works via servers of

PAC-script is updated every 12 hours, that requires about 6MB a day.
It also eats about ~30MB of memory for keeping you informed about unblocked sites via the icon.

In contrast to the version for slow machines this version displays on the icon the number of unblocked domains on the page. Sign “%” signifies that the page itself is not unblocked but rather sub-requests made by the page are unblocked (images, styles, etc.).

Blue ribbon is a symbol of EFF campaign for Online Freedom of Speech, Press and Association.

The extension is free and open source because I’m interested, that citizens have free access to political sites and alternative news sources. This extension may contain calls to participate in events of political character.

If extension doesn’t work (RU):

Documentation (RU):
Releases (RU):

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Operating System: Web Borwser

Price: Free

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