retire.js for google chrome

retire.js for google chrome

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retire.js for google chrome


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Scanning website for vulnerable js libraries
Scan a web app for use of vulnerable JavaScript libraries. The goal of retire.js is to help you detect use of version with known vulnerabilities. Retire.js web extension isn’t the original RetireJS project but is predominantly based on RetireJS opensource repo available on github –
Release 1.6.0 – Adding plupload vulns for 3.1.4, 3.1.5, 2.3.8 and 2.3.9
Release 1.5.8 – Added CVE-2017-18214 in js report
Release 1.5.6 – Added missing jquery-ui CVEs
Release 1.5.5 – Added XSS vulnerabilities for CKEditor
Release 1.5.4 – Added medium vuln for plupload below 2.3.7 and below 3.1.3
Release 1.5.3 – Removed errors in the reports
Release 1.5.2 – I updated all of the mismatching severities based on NIST
Release 1.5.1 – Additional error handling
Release 1.5.0 – Fixed some bugs to recognize vulnerable js libs
Release 1.4.9 – Added additional Bootstrap’s file content extractor
Release 1.4.8 – Fixed incorrect tinyMCE vuln version
Release 1.4.7 – Added some missing vulns to json repo
Release 1.4.6 – Changed summary for jquery.ui.tooltip related vulnerability
Release 1.4.5 – CVE specified for jQuery.htmlPrefilter
Release 1.4.0 – Added CVE-2020-7676 for angular < 1.8.0
Release 1.3.8 – Added possibility of showing unknowns
Release 1.3.7 – Reports XSS in jQuery < 3.5.0 Release 1.3.6 – changed handlebars.js -> handlebars in jsrepository.json
Release 1.3.5 – Fixed bug: Handlebars not detected properly in newer versions
Release 1.3.4 – Adds some missing vulns
Release 1.3.3 – Added popular bootstrap’s uri extractor
Release 1.3.2 – Added some vulns
Release 1.3.1 – Added jQuery mobile XSS vulnerability
Release 1.3.0 – Added jQuery vulnerability as per CVE-2019-11358
Release 1.2.9 – Added two Prototype Pollution vulns in Handlebars
Release 1.2.8 – Added more descriptive link for angularjs vulnerability
Release 1.2.7 – Added CVE identifiers about bootstrap release below 4.3.1 and below 3.4.1
Release 1.2.6 – Fixing regex for knockout
Release 1.2.5 – Updated report about bootstrap vulnerabilities
Release 1.2.4 – Fixed CkEditor vuln
Release 1.2.3 – Added regex for handlebars hashbang comment
Release 1.2.2 – Bootstrap: clarified vulnerabilities, added CVE’s (#257)
Release 1.2.1. – Replaced regex to match older versions of tinyMCE (#256)
Release 1.2.0 – Fixed wrong react versioning for bug
Release 1.1.9 – Added ExtJS vulns
Release 1.1.8 – Added vue.js vulns
Release 1.1.7 – Fixed typo in repo
Release 1.1.6 – Add summary for CVE-2011-4969 and link to jQuery ticket (#228)
Release 1.1.5 – CkEditor xss vulnerability reported

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