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refresh-it for google chrome


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Refresh identified tabs of the current browser window automatically.
Multiple tabs setting for page refresh automatically, with Interval/turnover options and three language (en, zh-tw, zh-cn) supported. Any suggestion/bug report will be appreciated.

這個插件的用途,在自動刷新瀏覽器當中的一個或多個分頁,並且記住該分頁網址,下回進到同樣的網頁時,無需設定間隔時間即可自動刷新。另外,還有輪流切換指定分頁、倒數計時及自動辦識瀏覽器語系等多項功能,目前支援的語系有繁體中文,簡體中文和英文等三種。操作面板簡單易懂,不需要記憶任何快速鍵,就能達到自動刷新指定網頁的目的。對這個插件有任何指教,歡迎透過 Twitter/FB 帳號與我聯絡 ^^
v1.21 alpha
– Fix the bug while refresh intervals set to zero or blank.
– user-defined refresh script, just in experiment.
可由使用者自行定義的刷新程式腳本。例如,有網友提到能否只刷新頁框而非整個網頁,即可透過 window.frames[‘頁框名稱’].location.reload(); 這樣的腳本來取代內定的刷新機制,以達到目的。

v1.20 alpha
– Click refresh-countdown indicator to pause/continue countdown.

v1.18 alpha
– Auto focus to the current tab setting field when the popup window is open.

v1.17 alpha
– Different refesh mechanism to try to solve the problem of ‘pinned tabs’. ‘Turnover’ function still not work for ‘pinned tabs’ in this version.

v1.16 alpha
– Add the “reset” button in the option page. If this extension couldn’t remember the URLs you had set up before, try to press ‘reset’ button and reopen Chrome again, it may works fine.

v1.12 alpha
– Desktop notification default value is disabled. You may enable the function with option page by right clicking the icon.

v1.11 alpha
– Tabs could be sorted with staying time, tab id, or even you may brings all the auto-refreshing tabs to the top.
– input box to color the tabs which web title or url match keyword. ‘Enter’ key will bring the matched ones to the top of all tabs.
– Up or Down arrow key to change text-cursor position to the previous(next) tab which match keyword.
可使用關鍵字找出符合條件的分頁,並以上、下方向鍵將文字游標移至該分頁的間隔秒數輸入框中,或者以 Enter 鍵將這些符合條件的分頁全部搬移至最前端。

v1.10 alpha
– Fix countdown bugs when tabs added, removed, or order changed.
– Each tab has a stay-time displayed in grey color, to tell you how much time do you spend with this tab. Tab-sorted function will be available in future version.
– Option page supported. Tab drag & drop available only at the option page.

v1.09 alpha
– ‘Enter’ key to save and activate settings.
按下 Enter 鍵可儲存並套用設定。
– Smart desktop notification only for updated pages.

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