Recording Playback Tool for Zoom

Recording Playback Tool for Zoom

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Recording Playback Tool for Zoom


Recording Playback Tool for ZoomScreenshots

Recording Playback Tool for Zoom Mode Free Download

Enhance your Zoom recording playback experience.
Since Zoom LTI Pro’s recording playback is pretty lackluster, this extension tries to add some features to make it easier to use. As of now it:

– Adds more playback speed options
– Allows you to toggle play/pause by pressing spacebar/”k”, full screen with “f”, and mute with “m”
– Allows you to skip forward/backward 5s with your right/left arrows, or 10s with “l”/”j”

After installing the extension, it will automatically run on any Zoom LTI Pro recording page.

UPDATE 1/5/2022: Since there was an update to the Zoom LTI Pro page the extension stopped working for a bit, but that has been fixed. Zoom also added their own hotkeys for playing/pausing with the space bar as well as forward/backward skipping with the arrow keys so I removed that from the extension, but the f/m/j/k/l hotkeys still work.

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