President Trump Google Doodles

President Trump Google Doodles

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President Trump Google Doodles


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President Trump Google Doodles Mode Free Download

Make Google Doodles Great Again!
Simple extension that replaces the Google Search ‘doodle’ image/link with a random photo of President Donald J. Trump”!

11/2020 Note: Since Flickr deleted all the photos for this extension this year the ability to pick the tags/photos you want to use is currently not working – so for now you’ll see a random/rotation of all images in the collection. I will remove this message if/when I find a way to get this working again. My apologies!

Please leave a review with your thoughts, ideas, etc.

Version History

* Some technical issue (btw sorry some of the photo filters don’t seem to work fully atm)

* Added 70 or so images from the last few months of his epic first term. God bless and long live the king.
* My apologies but the categories stuff still isn’t working (due to Flickr deletions) – I’ll fix if/when I get time/inspiration.
* NOTE: I’ve noticed there are some quirks now w/this working in some cases for – so this extension may only be working for Chrome’s “new tab” or right now – I’ll fix if/when I can as soon.

1.2.000 Update
Pushed all ~800+ of the images to new image host (after Flickr deleted everything). Seems to be working – will keep an eye on it. LMK if anyone has any issues.

1.1.003 Update
Sadly fist repair attempt failed (Google photos). Trying imgur now.

1.1.001 Update
I regret to inform everyone that Flickr deleted all the photos for this extension … all 600+ of them! They didn’t give me a reason or any kind of warning. I am reaching out to inquire more details but it is very likely I won’t be able to get them back. I have thrown a few images into another spot for now just so this extension shows some images (instead of nothing which it’s been doing for a few weeks now thanks to Flickr). My apologies on the inconvenience. Once I feel like I’ve found a stable photo storage location I’ll attempt to rebuild this extensions photo library – but it took me quite a while to get the over 600 photos originally so will take some time :(.

1.0.063 Update
~80 new photos added! Screenshot:

1.0.062 Update
I noticed Google was sometimes sneaking in artwork and other stuff at Google “Meet” ( so I made a quick/minor update to the extension to replace that with a photo of President Trump instead.

1.0.061 Update
~70 new photos added from mid-2019 to first half of 2020. Now ~740 total photos in the rotation!

1.0.060 Update
Handful of new photos added to the rotation (North Korea, July 4th, etc).

Handful of new photos added. ~585 now!

* 70 more photos added! (total ~560 now!)
* Version number/build added to options screen
* Few script adjustments

Refreshing for updated photos/photo count

Handful of new photos added to rotation / photo count increased

– Added bunch more photos. Refreshing version number.

– New Full Size Background Image FX added
– Image FX settings real-time preview added
– MANY more photo category tags added!
– Tag logic adjusted for (hopefully) better accuracy
– Extension settings saved to Chrome sync now
– More photos added (in progress)
– Various bug fixes

Trying out some image effects options to the extension menu.
* Sepia Tone
* Grayscale
* Faded Edges
* Semi-Opaque

New menu buttons added to the image area! Now you can view a larger image, go to the next image or download the original image with the click of a button! See the “New Menu Buttons” screenshot for a visual.

The extension now has a fun new feature where you can specify which kinds of photos are rotated! The starting categories are:

– Funny
– Artwork
– Melania
– White House
– Foreign Affairs
– Military
– Closeup

Enjoy! PS: Feel free to suggest other categories.

* More work on “New Tab” quirks
* Photo tag/settings coming soon!

* New tab quirk fix(es)

* Some work getting “new tab” to work properly
* Prepping for photo tag settings (soon!)

* Clicking image will now download largest version.
* New photos added

(Hopefully) fixed bug where not working in new tab.

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Price: Free

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