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Postila – from Russia with Love!
A handy tool to collect and post knitting schemes, recipes, and other ideas — “Post!” button from From Russia with love.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ «I cannot express how much I love this website!» (Helen Zam)
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ «I like it a lot! It’s kinda small version of my computer» (Nadyа Chermemkova)
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ «What we wrote in our notebooks, paper sheets (and then later lost), collect pieces of magazines and then also lost — all this is now always available, clear and convenient!!! I recommend this to all! Thank you for such a gift!» (Elena Djura)

*********** NEWS *********
******* 17.09.2020 *******
Improved posting from Pinterest
******* 12.08.2020 *******
Fixed the display of login form for not logged in users who make screenshots
Better work in AMP-versions of saved pages
Small bugfixes, more stable version
******* 30.07.2020 *******
Fixed minor bugs
******* 21.04.2020 *******
Fixed the order of boards
Fixed the authorization issue
******* 09.04.2020 *******
Fixed the problem with posting from several websites
Fixed the display of users boards
******* 27.02.2020 *******
➤ Screenshoting returned to the the extension
➤ Fixed the problem with creating secret boards
******* 04.07.2019 *******
➤ Fixed the problem with saving pictures into boards
******* 17.01.2018 *******
➤ More images are detected (on all websites)
******* 11.01.2018 *******
➤ Better work with Pinterest and
******* 19.11.2017 *******
➤ YouTube support improved
➤ Pinterest support improved
******* 4.09.2017 *******
➤ Support for new YouTube layout
******* 20.08.2017 *******
➤ Better error reporting
➤ Various improvements and fixes
******* 26.07.2017 *******
➤ Secret Boards and Posts! Now you can collect posts that will be visible only to you
➤ Various interface fixes
➤ Better stability and minor bugfixes
******* 19.05.2017 *******
➤ Fixes for retina displays
➤ Improvements for multiple pictures posting
➤ Fixes for error reporting
******* 28.03.2017 *******
➤ Hovering button for and other websites fixed + some other fixes/improvements
******* 21.03.2017 *******
➤ Small bugfixes, more stable version
******* 28.02.2017 *******
➤ This version (38.0.x) is the version pure internationalized version of Postila button! English and Russian are supported, Spanish is coming soon
Official free extension of Postila project ( for the following browsers: Google Chrome, Yandex, and

Short address of this extension (send this link to a friend!): POST.POSTILA.RU

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