POM Builder – Auto-generate CSS/XPath Locator

POM Builder – Auto-generate CSS/XPath Locator

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POM Builder – Auto-generate CSS/XPath Locator


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POM Builder – Auto-generate CSS/XPath Locator Mode Free Download

Instantly auto-generate the most robust locator including Xpath, CSS selector and more for use with Selenium or Protractor.
Save time by letting POM Builder instantly suggest the most reliable locator for your inspected web element. The suggestion might be either XPath, CSS selector, By.id, By.name, By.linkText, etc. You can use these locators for all automation frameworks including Selenium, Protractor, Robot Framework, webdriver.io, TestArchitect Enterprise and TestArchitect Gondola.

* Test automation engineers who specialize in web testing using Selenium, Protractor, Robot Framework, webdriver.io and TestArchitect Automation Suite.

* POM Builder automatically generates the best locator for your web element of interest. The best locator should be [1] short, [2] reliable and [3] easy to understand.
* POM Builder’s smart algorithm automatically detects and ignores dynamic IDs generated by some front-end frameworks.
* If you don’t want to use the suggested locator or if your project’s convention dictates a certain type of locators, you can manually select the locator type that fits you best.

* You can evaluate the suggested locator or your customized locator to check whether that locator can uniquely identify the web element of interest.

* After designing the best locator for your web element, POM Builder can help you generate the corresponding POM code snippet. You can paste this code snippet directly into your Selenium, Protractor and TestArchitect project.

* POM Builder does not track your browsing history in any way, nor does it transmit any data over the internet. All data remains on your local hard disk drive at all times. However, POM Builder needs “webNavigation” and “tabs” permissions in order to generate locators for elements inside iFrames.

* Version: 1.1.7
– Shadow DOM support

* Version: 1.0.129
– Minor bug fixes

* Version: 1.0.124
– Added more information to the popup window
– Minor bug fixes

* Version: 1.0.104
– Generates frame path for an element located inside an iFrame
– Add escape sequences to output locator, if required.
– Improve UI/UX for POM Template Configuration feature: change behaviors of saving and reset functions.
– Improve UI/UX for Smart Gen feature: auto-hide non value field.
– Improve xPath and Css algorithm.
– Fix some other issues reported by our dear users.
Known Issues:
– Test Locator does not work properly in auto-redirect website.
– Locator values are not refreshed if user inspects the control in another frame then inspects back to exactly previous element.

* User Guide: https://github.com/logigearcorporation/pombuilder/wiki/User-Guide
* Release notes: https://github.com/logigearcorporation/pombuilder/wiki/Release-Notes
* Blog: https://blog.pombuilder.com/
* User group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/pombuilder/

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