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PlayStation Store Plus

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PlayStation Store Plus


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PlayStation Store Plus Mode Free Download

Better download list.
Sortable searchable download list for PlayStation Store.

* Version 2.0 Changelog
– Update localStorage parsing to load new format of entitlements.
– Added support for multiple account(currently will shown in one table, will add filter later)
– Added icon for ps plus free games.
– Added button to reset local cache(manually reload store listing)

* Version 1.6 Changelog
– Updated plugin button since Google no long allows URL buttons.
– Filtering/Sorting now saves between sessions.

* Version 1.5 Changelog
– Rewrite using extension store, fix blank page.

* Version 1.2 Changelog
– Fix critical bug due to PS Store entitlement format update

* Version 1.1 Changelog
– Add Type/Size column
– Add checkbox to hide internal entitlements

How to use:
1. Go to and log in your PSN account.
2. Click the blue PlayStation icon in the address bar.
3. You can now search and sort all your purchases. To sort, click the table header.

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Operating System: Web Borwser

Price: Free

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