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Pixiv Toolkit


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Convert ugoira to gif or/and webm, pack manga for downloading and download novel on Pixiv.
You can use this extension to convert the ugoira on Pixiv to GIF or WebM file, or pack the images of manga to download or save novel as epub.

You can feel free to open issue on GitHub if you have any questions.

There is a power Pixiv downloader Pixiv Omina has been released! It’s easy to use and it has plenty features, you should give it a try.

Pixiv Toolkit: https://github.com/leoding86/webextension-pixiv-toolkit
Pixiv Omina: https://github.com/leoding86/pixiv-omina
Add setting “Cover size” in “History” setting section;
Minor fix.

Fix date formatting issue.

Update visit history page and downloads page style;
Fix issue about download progress doesn’t show when downloading single image;
Fix issue about cann’t load more downloads history;
Minor fixes.

Fix issue about loading more histories/downloads.

Fix issue about download button disappear in Fanbox work.

Fix issue about more history cannot be loaded.

Add settings in History section in setting page;
Add downloads history page;
Minor fixes.

Add support for downloading images in Fanbox articles (support article and image type);
Add setting ‘Always pack’;
Remove setting ‘Keep page number’;

Change option of packing frames information;
Change localization implementation logic;
Minor fixes.

Fix issue that the resources cannot be downloaded when using Chrome Beta or Chrome Dev.

Fix the issue that ✔️ does not appear after downloading the file;
Fix the issue that save item to wrong path;
Fix inaccurate frame delay.

Add dark theme control panel for fitting Pixiv dark theme;
Add history backup feature for recovering history records because browser’s storage strategy may cause history lost sometimes;
Minor fixes.

Fix issue that the novel cannot be downloaded when the novel’s size is very large.

Add “Number of download requests” setting for downloading multiple images at same time;
Optimize downloads of downloading manga and illustration;
Refactor some modules;
Minor fixes.
Please report bugs and tell me what you need. Thanks!

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Price: Free

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