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PINBUSTERS Mode Free Download

Automatically hides Pinterest images from your Google Image Search.
– Are you troubled by strange images in the middle of your Google Image Search?
– Do you experience feelings of dread when you realize these images are actually coming from Pinterest?
– Have you or your family ever seen a Pin, Pinboard or “Tried any of these”?

If the answer is YES, then don’t wait another minute. Open your browser and reach out to the professionals: PINBUSTERS!
Our courteous and efficient extension is on call 24 hours a day to serve all your Pin elimination needs.

We’re ready to bust your pins!


What does it do?

This extension hides all Pinterest images that appear in your Google Image Search. Well, technically it creates an overlay with Pinbusters logo on top of them, so that you know where *not to* click.

However, you can still click that image, and you will see the expanded image panel in its original form, with the “pinned” image displayed and original functionality available.

Try it out for yourself!


Here’s the Github repo:
If you think you can make it better, pull requests are welcome!

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