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PeepTube Mode Free Download

An useful preview tool for YouTube
==== Introduction ====
Peeptube is a chrome extension for Youtube™. Feel too many search results and hate to open them one by one? Peeptube provided some useful features called “Storyboard thumbnail”, “Peep it” and “Small window view”. Once you have many videos to watch after searching, you can just put your mouse over the search results. The video storyboard frames will show in the thumbnail, you can see the storyboard snapshot about the video. By moving your mouse horizontally, the video storyboard will play on the video thumnail. After that, you can try use “Peep it” mode to quick preview the video. it makes you watch the video quickly without loading whole the video pages. If you want to browse other search result when watching video, try use “Small window view” mode. This feature is inspired from official Youtube™ mobile app. It’s very useful when browsing search result. Try and enjoy it 🙂

==== Features ====
✔ Peep it – Quick preview a video without entering and loading the whole video page.
✔ Small window view – Just like official Youtube™ mobile app feature, make you browse and watch video at same time.
✔ Storyboard thumbnail – Show the storyboard frames on the thumbnail when putting mouse over.

==== Update log ====
✔ Storyboard thumbnail (2014.3.22)
✔ Add peep button in suggestion video list (2014.4.10)
✔ Performance issue bug fixed (2014.4.15)
✔ Youtube official website update => CSS broken bug fixed (2014.4.30)
✔ Youtube official website update => Storyboard thumbnails broken bug fixed (2014.5.9)
✔ Bug fixed => Preview button can’t click (2014.6.13)
✔ Bug fixed => Preview button can’t click (2014.6.21)
✔ Bug fixed => peepTube doesn’t initialize (2014.8.11)
✔ Bug fixed => duplicated sound (video) track bug when using peep view(2014.9.9)
==== Feature requisition & issue report ====


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