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Paranoid Web Extension


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Secure Shopping, Child Protection, Block Adult sites, Casino, and Dangerous Sites
The most advanced tool to block all types of dangerous sites including fake shops, phishing, and scam sites.
Don’t want to think every time is a site is safe or not, constantly check if it is fraudulent? We can do it for you.

The Paranoid Web Extension checks every site you come across from an advertisement, email or link from a friend or a colleague whose account may have been compromised.

The extension was created to protect both new network users and experienced ones, because not everyone can notice the substitution of a letter in the domain or analyze the site’s reputation.

Sometimes it is enough for hackers to create a fake financial site on a different domain zone (example: ) and most of the users will simply ignore this and leave their account in the hands of scammers.
Don’t be afraid to shop on unfamiliar sites. We will alert you at the slightest hint of fraud.
Paranoid Web Extension also blocks adult and gambling sites, casinos, etc.

Protect yourself and your family. Installation and configuration takes less than 3 minutes.

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Operating System: Web Borwser

Price: Free

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