Parameters Editor for google chrome

Parameters Editor for google chrome

By Ivan Gualandri

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Parameters Editor for google chrome


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Shows parameters used in the URL and allows to update, export and import them
This extension, let you to manage the url parameters in your address bar, you can show/edit/add/delete them with just one click, you can also export them in csv and json format, or import them parameter list in CSV format.

This is how it works:
A small icon appears in each tab address bar, if you click on it you can see the list of all parameters for that url, that you can modify, export or import.

If the url has no parameter you can press “add new” and add as many parameters as you want and click update to reload the page with new parameters

Everything is just two click away…

If you are importing parameters from csv, be aware that if the first row contains parameter_name in the first column that line will be ignored, but if the above string appear in a different row, it will be treated as a normal parameter.

If you experience any bug or you want to suggest any new feature to be implemented in chrome parameters, you can click “report bug”, and then enter your bug, or your suggestion (you can also add a label to classify it as a task or bug).

Te Source code of the extension is available here:

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