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PageSigner for google chrome


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PageSigner for google chrome


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PageSigner – a cryptographically secure webpage screenshot tool
PageSigner allows you to “notarize” web pages. Think of it as a cryptographically secure webpage screenshot – it’s different from an ordinary screenshot in that it can’t be edited in Photoshop; it really proves that you received that data from the server. You can then share that proof with anyone you like.
PageSigner is an open-source project. You can see the code here:


v 3.0.6
– update after a server fix
v 3.0.5
– fix for large uploads on slow connections
v 3.0.4
– allow to preview the notarization without actually running it
v 3.0.3
– a better algorithm which is 30% faster and requires 25% less bandwidth
v 3.0.1
– fix notarization errors due to unsynced time on notary’s server
v 3.0.0
– supports TLSNotary protocol for TLS 1.2+
– request authentication
v 2.1.0
– fix sending message to tab too soon before DOM is loaded (esp. on Vivaldi)
– allow to import older versions of notarization files
– more lightweight pgsg file format
v 2.0.1
– don’t require management permission
– verify imported pgsg’s certificates against the time of notarization

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