Page Modeller (Selenium, Robot Framework etc)

Page Modeller (Selenium, Robot Framework etc)

By Dan Humphrey

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Page Modeller (Selenium, Robot Framework etc)


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Page Modeller (Selenium, Robot Framework etc) Mode Free Download

Browser DevTools extension for modelling web pages for automation.
The Page Modeller extension enables developers to scan a web page and generate page object style code for various tools, languages and frameworks and test the UI locators in the browser.

Currently supported tools and languages are:

* Selenium WebDriver Java
* Selenium WebDriver C#
* Puppeteer
* Robot Framework
* Protractor
* Protractor TypeScript

Feel free to propose new functionality and additional frameworks here:

This extension is being actively developed and is considered a beta release.

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Operating System: Web Borwser

Price: Free

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Version: 2.1.0
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