Opt-out: Donald Trump

Opt-out: Donald Trump

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Opt-out: Donald Trump


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This extension searches the current page and deletes elements which contain words or phrases to be filtered out
Take control of your browsing experience.

The objective of opt-out is to allow users to remove things from their browsing experience that they no-longer want to see.

This version attempts to remove all traces of Donald Trump from the websites the user browses.

This project was not written due to political affiliation. It was written more as a commentary on the media’s coverage of Donald Trump. At some points during the process of building this project, Donald Trump had over twenty articles about him on the front page of CNN.com. This statistic seems like an exaggeration but it is not and CNN is not the only news organization trying to capitalize on Donald Trump’s popularity. Every news outlet has had between 3 and 30 articles on their front page regarding Donald Trump.

-Written in base JavaScript for maximum efficiency
-Should remove between 90 and 100 percent of all Trump content.
-No tracking, No ads, Free forever

-Increase in the number of Div Elements which can safely be removed
-Updated to scan embedded tweets.
-Updated to allow scanning of embedded instagram posts and other forms of embedded social media.

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Operating System: Web Borwser

Price: Free

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