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Tired of sites splitting articles into multiple pages just to generate more hits? Me too!
Especially news media have become obsessed with click/hit statistics which have started to impact our surfing experience (and not for the better).

This extension enables everyone to enjoy their favourite site without pointless pagination.

Currently the only default sites are, and Please contact me with any suggestions of sites that should be in the list!

How does it work?

After installing the extension, navigate to any page and just click the icon (if it’s not already green). It will then try to load the sites on that domain without forced pagination.

At the moment this only works with sites using EZ Publish / Escenic suite.

What if the site is built on a different platform?

In order to customize a site which may use different parameters, enable the extension for that site, then right click the icon and select options. Here you can modify all the sites and modifications it has stored.

If you have ideas about sites/params I could add as default in the extension, please contact me.

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